There are several ways to form a team - get started today and invite your friends & family to join you!

Sponsor a team

Option 1: If you want to sponsor a team (e.g., of employees), decide how many participants you would like to pay for, send payment to WSCADV* and we will create a comp code (for complimentary registration) for you/your team members to use. We will provide you with the code and instructions on how to use it so that you can easily share it with the members of your team. All team participants would then register on their own via the registration website, and would not have to pay the registration fee.

Organize a team in which all participants pay for their own registration

Option 2: Have everyone sign up on their own. With this option, you register first – select the "Start a New Team" option – and create a team name. Then tell your friends/coworkers/family to register by choosing the "Join an Existing Team" option and enter in your team name.

Option 3: You sign up for everyone. With this option, you collect registration info and money from everyone first. To do this most efficiently, have all of your team members complete this form and return to you along with their payment. Then you select the "Start a New Team" option, enter everyone’s information, and make the payment.

Option 4: You collect money from everyone, turn it in to WSCADV* and we create a comp code for you/your team members. You give this code to everyone on your team and they register on their own via the website but don’t make a payment.

Option #1 is the best for people who want to sponsor a team/pay for their team members. Option #2 is the easiest for a person who wants to organize a team where each participant pays their own way. Options #3 and #4 are good for team organizers who aren’t paying for others but want a bit more control over the process to make sure everyone is actually getting signed up.

Once you have a team registered, start fundraising! The top fundraising team will win a luxury suite (seats up to 20 people) at a Mariners game along with other great prizes!

*Payments to WSCADV can be made by check (mail to: WSCADV, Attn: Katie Metzger, 1511 Third Ave., Suite 433, Seattle, WA 98101). In the memo section of the check, please note: 5K registration fees for (team name). Payments can also be made by credit card over the phone: Contact Katie Metzger, 206-389-2515, ext. 216.